Ethical Travelling

When I’m travelling I’m always trying to make the best decisions. How can I travel the world and make a positive impact? Or is it by definition negative? The nature, people and animals can suffer due to tourism. In this post I try to raise awareness about ethical travelling, I made an overview of questions … Continue reading Ethical Travelling


A route through South East Africa

Africa with the red earth and the smiling people. Africa with the crazy wildlife and the colonial history. Ten years ago I traveled for the first time to Africa and ever since I’m in love with this continent. Travelling in Africa is a bit more ‘Hardcore’ travelling then in other continents. There are fewer hostels … Continue reading A route through South East Africa

A route from Panama to El Salvador

2017 for me was all about travelling, after Africa and Asia I went to Latin America. From Colombia I travelled up and I planned to go all the way to Guatemala but I stranded in El Salvador. In this blog I’ll share my route through Central America and some tips. If you click on the links you can read more tips on what to do, where to stay and border crossings.

A route through India

This year (2017) I’ve spend one month in beautiful India, and all I can think of is beautiful memories. Wow India is a lot of everything! India is overwhelming! A lot of smells, colors, noises, people, cars, cows , a lot of everything! And I loved it! So if you are going to India and want some inspiration, maybe this blog post can be of any help.