Couchsurfing around the world,

Couchsurfing? Yes, couchsurfing is a platform that brings you in contact with locals, sometimes you can crash on their couch, sometimes they even have a room with a bed for you and sometimes they pick you up from the airport in a silver Jaguar. And, it’s for free! The one thing you need to commit … Continue reading Couchsurfing around the world,


Route through Indonedia

Last year I was so lucky to spend 2 months in Indonesia! This country is so big and beautiful with a lot of nature and culture. I thought with the 2 months I have I could easily make it from west to east. So I booked my tickets to Sumatra and back from Sulawesi. Well, … Continue reading Route through Indonedia

A route through India

This year (2017) I’ve spend one month in beautiful India, and all I can think of is beautiful memories. Wow India is a lot of everything! India is overwhelming! A lot of smells, colors, noises, people, cars, cows , a lot of everything! And I loved it! So if you are going to India and want some inspiration, maybe this blog post can be of any help.