From Tanzania to Kenya

Last week has been so special! On sunday I was in Tanzania and went to a small village. And now I'm in the Thike town where I started travelling 10 years ago.


Mzungu! Mzungu! Mzungu! MZUNGU!! ;-)

"Well spotted I'm a Mzungu" the best line on a Tshirt I've seen so far. Mzungu means white person, so people call me that all the time. They say it to me, whisper it to each other with or without pointing fingers. It starts to get to me...

Journey from hell

Sometimes you buy a transport ticket and something doesn't feel right... Then you should trust your instrinct! I promise to never ever complain about Dutch public transport again. After a delay of two days, and then transport for more then 2 days (without sleep or shower)   I'll stick to that promise for sure!