Women in Iran

After 30 beautiful days in Iran I'm now back in the freezing cold low-lands (The Netherlands). And going to Iran as a solo female traveller I got quite a lot of questions, before travelling, while travelling and now I'm back home again. "How is it to wear a scarf/hijab?" or "How did the men treat … Continue reading Women in Iran


Ethical Travelling

When I’m travelling I’m always trying to make the best decisions. How can I travel the world and make a positive impact? Or is it by definition negative? The nature, people and animals can suffer due to tourism. In this post I try to raise awareness about ethical travelling, I made an overview of questions … Continue reading Ethical Travelling


Gentrifi.. WHAT? No I didn’t make that word up. Gentrification is a real thing that I would like to discus with people… with you! Gentrification is what happens when a deprived (poor) region, neighborhood or even country is suddenly hip and happening. Many people with economic good wellbeing move into these deprived places and suddenly … Continue reading Gentrification