Ilha Mozambique & a stunningly beautiful trainride

Olá! From a 31 hour busride to a stunningly beautiful trainride, in between the public transport I saw the beautiful Ilha de Mozambique (Mozambique island). This colonial town is very impressive! The people are nice and the children welcome you by asking for sweets all the time. And I saw Nampula a slighty bigger city, … Continue reading Ilha Mozambique & a stunningly beautiful trainride


A 31 hour busride

Without knowing any times, schedules or anything we went to the main road, some buses if you're lucky stop here. At 10.20 we arrived and we we're very lucky to catch a bus within an hour. Straight to Nampula. It was quite a bus ride! It was a 31 hour bus ride..... And this is how I experienced this 31 hour busride....