A route from Panama to El Salvador

2017 for me was all about travelling, after Africa and Asia I went to Latin America. From Colombia I travelled up and I planned to go all the way to Guatemala but I stranded in El Salvador. In this blog I’ll share my route through Central America and some tips. If you click on the links you can read more tips on what to do, where to stay and border crossings.


Hospitalized abroad

For a while I have been thinking if I should write my experiences or not, I decided to write it down. Maybe only for myself, to reflect, to get some healing on what has happened in this crazy rollercoaster a bit over a week ago. Well a rollercoaster…., it surely went more down then up. … Continue reading Hospitalized abroad

From Nicaragua to El Salvador

So I stayed with homestays my last days in Nicaragua, Estelí, and then I left beautiful, characteristic Nicaragua for the next country. My plan was to travel up to visit Honduras… but after the elections tourist where fleeing the country, roadblocks and riots everywhere. So I had to change plans and went from Nicaragua to El Salvador. I was only crossing a small (safe) part in the south of Honduras. I chickenbussed (let’s make a verb out of that one) all the way through.