A route through South East Africa

Africa with the red earth and the smiling people. Africa with the crazy wildlife and the colonial history. Ten years ago I traveled for the first time to Africa and ever since I’m in love with this continent. Travelling in Africa is a bit more ‘Hardcore’ travelling then in other continents. There are fewer hostels … Continue reading A route through South East Africa


My last days in Africa

Right now I'm at the airport. Leaving Africa I might never get used to leaving beautiful Africa behind. I've been travelling from Capetown to Nairobi in 3,5 months. It has been beautiful, intense and difficult and a lot, lot more!

Journey from hell

Sometimes you buy a transport ticket and something doesn't feel right... Then you should trust your instrinct! I promise to never ever complain about Dutch public transport again. After a delay of two days, and then transport for more then 2 days (without sleep or shower)   I'll stick to that promise for sure!