On this page you can see the projects that I’ve visited and these projects seem to have positive impact. Before you start to volunteer abroad be aware of the impact you have, and do a bit of research before you commit to help out in a project.

Maybe my blog about Voluntourism can be of any help.

Around the world

  • Do you want to volunteer, somewhere around the world for a small organisation? Check Grassroots Volunteering They have a variety of different kind of small organisations in need of volunteers. (all NGO’s, all for a good cause)
  • Do you want to volunteer/work abroad and safe some money? In general you work and get accomodation and sometimes food in exchange for your work. Try Work Away.
  • Proyecto Mosaico, an NGO that works with more than 50 projects in Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala. This NGO helps volunteers to find a project that will suit the volunteers and the organisation best. Upon skills, amount of time and interest of the volunteer(s).



  • Oasis Life Skills, children from the slum, streetboys who get informal life skills classes. The aim is to get children (back to) school.
  • Shade Childrens Home, a childrens home where about 21 children live.


  • GUTz, Get up Tanzania (GUTz) Organises festivals where people can get tested for HIV on the spot. Total visitors: 26000 – People tested for HIV: 8638.


  • Stichting het goede doel, people try to escape extreme poverty. Malawi is listed as one over the most impoverished countries in the world. Stichting het goede doel help these people to achieve their goals. Mosly by supporting and providing education projects.




  • Kingdom of BGBJ, a project on the biggest dump of South East Asia. It gives children a safe haven to do homework and play. They provide music and english classes.
  • Wees een kind, a childrens home where about 15 children live.
  • Wins Foundation, an after school project for disadvantaged children of Indonesia.


South America


  • Fundacion Caminos/Straatkinderen Medellin, a project that works with children from the streets, from the governmental homes and children in the deprived areas of Medellin. These children are welcome to join with the different projects this NGO offers, football , English classes, music classes, study and work project.
  • Fundacion Visibles, where every thursday evening people meet up at station Cisniros (Medellin) and give hot chocolate and bread to homeless people. This helps not only to give them food but even more to get communication started and a bridge between students and homeless people.
  • Poder Joven, a afterschool project for deprived children in Medellin where they get food, learn, do games, etc.
  • Soy Juya, in La Guajira the poorest part of Colombia, in the desert. There are 2 French guys who made a restaurant and with the profit they make they feed 25 – 100 children daily. They are very in need of volunteers but no time next to the restaurant and comedor to find volunteers.


Central America


  • CocoMango, a small after school project in a touristy neighbourhood that helps children to learn English, computer classes and a safe haven. They fundraise scholarships for children to attend highschool (secondary school) and at the moment they are fundraising for 20 children.
  • Mpower People, an organization that helps in deprived villages around Leon and deprived communities in Leon, an after school project micro credit (without interests) loans to women.
  • Las Chavadalas, an organization that works with streetchildren. With activities they try to get the children out of the drugs. There are some boys who live at the place and some boys come during the day.




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